About Us

We started in 1988 as Hobizal Construction, doing pipe work and trenching for plumbing companies. We learned a lot about sewer lines, storm lines, and water lines and how to install sewer lines the right way the first time. We have installed all types of pipe — PVC, abs, HDPE, CPVC, copper, ductile, concrete and all sizes.

Then we did some trenching for power lines on apartment projects. After that it was up to Forest Heights where we started doing rain drains and sewer and storm hookups that ended up being twenty plus feet deep on steep hills. Next it was on to Claremont Golf Course with its housing subdivision (this was my favorite job of all, with its award winning homes and its club houses). Good relationships were formed on the Claremont project — long-time contractors that taught me a thing or two and some folks just became friends. The Claremont work was no bed of roses, but I still look at that tie with fondness.

Then some small subdivision work and work with Arbor Homes until 2008. At that time I thought it was time for a new direction. Ever since Underground Solutions has been doing sewer repairs and fixing old sewer hookups! We’ve done thousands of sewer repairs and love providing a simple fix while having some nice one on one with home owners.