Sewer and Excavation Services

Underground Solutions aims to provide the best service at the best price!

Doing it right is the only way we do it!

In the sewer repair business it’s so important to take time and work hard so the finished product will last the lifetime of the house. We believe do a clean sewer repair job by making sure that things fit together just right with old cast iron pipe or a concrete sewer main. Then we put the landscaping back in the same shape or better than it was when we started.

We do trenchless sewer repairs by pipe bursting as it is the most cost effective and the least destructive to landscaping. This method of sewer repair requires us to run a cable in the old pipe and pull in a new pipe. The pipe is made of HDPE and it looks like black abs pipe. It is strong and it can bend. It works very well for sewer repairs. The new pipe hooks to a bursting head which hooks to a cable that is pulled through the old pipe, breaks the old pipe, and makes room for the new pipe.

We do sewer repair by open trench which is good for spot repairs and areas where landscaping is open, there are few trees and plants, and there are above ground utilities. The cost of digging around underground utilities can be higher because of the risk involved and digging around tree roots is bad for the tree so caution is required.

We do general excavation, stump removal, blackberry removal, sewer line root cleaning, underground utility work, and construction of rain gardens.

We do new pipe installation of all types.

We do French drains rain drains, and sewer hookups.

We do sewer taps, party line sewer separation, water line repairs, erosion control, storm cleanup, sewer inspections service, and dry wells.