General Excavation

general excavation dog digging

  Excavation for this shop was hard work, but it’s what we love to do.

Land clearing and dirt excavation can be a lot of work — take, for example, this shop dig out that we did north of St Helens, Oregon. We excavated and moved over a 1,000 yards of dirt! In excavation you learn to help people get what they want when they don’t know exactly what they want. After the job is done I like to hear, “That’s just how I wanted it done, thank you!”

Excavation of dirt and land clearing can be done fairly fast with the right equipment and the right know how. We can give you a free estimate for your project like this one. We also remove stumps at little cost. And, we clear blackberries all year round, with no trouble.

Road building for new homes or just fixing up a old drive way with new rock on it and grade the bumps out of it can be done with out a doubt. Regarding ditches and installing drain rock and culverts, adding bio swale or rain garden to meet storm water management needs. Rock walls for landscaping and top soil. Call us for a free estimate 503-849-9875.

land clearing excavationland clearing excavation