Sewer Inspection

Underground Solutions LLC sewer inspection camera

Helpful Hints for Home Owners and Home Buyers Needing with a Sewer Inspection.

  1. Your sewer scope inspector will need water to run down the sewer line. This can be done by running water in the house when he or she asks for it.
  2. It will help the sewer scope inspector to know where the sewer clean out is located. If you don’t know that’s OK, most people don’t, just let the inspector know that you don’t know ahead of time. In the past I’ve called the city for sewer information and in one case it helped a lot. If your inspector has to go up on the roof it will cost you more, so it helps to know where the sewer clean out is located.
  3. Communication with the sewer scope person is key. Let them know if you’re running late or have to cancel and need to reschedule.
  4. Most Portland homes have basements in them and the sewer clean out is in the basement so plan accordingly. If some things need to be moved out of the way, or if you are like me and a pack-rat, plan on moving a path to the clean out ahead of time.
  5. Have a plan for you dogs and cats. The sewer inspector will have to go in and out of the house half a dozen times to locate the sewer line outside of the house and move equipment in and out of your house. Plan on doors being opened to the outside.
  6. Have a plan if you are having a radon test at the same time as you schedule the sewer scope. The sewer scope requires the inspector to come in and out of the home several times so if the radon test requires doors to be closed that could be a problem. Plan accordingly.
  7. Find out if the sewer scope will be uploaded to the web, most are but ask. If you need to have the sewer repaired it makes it a lot easier to get bids for the sewer repair if the scope can be accessed online.
  8. A house that was built before 1970 can have a sewer line made of concrete pipe, terra-cotta pipe, Orangeburg pipe, or asbestos-cement pipe. All of these types of pipe leak water and over time will break apart. Your sewer can still work without giving you trouble, but when the sewer inspection is done, don’t be surprised that it has failed inspection.
  9. NO hub cast iron pipe! It can crack with age and will still work but when the sewer inspection is done it will show up on the sewer inspection and will fail.